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The next generation of Wi-Fi is here. ioAire's network solutions deliver full-extended coverage, real-time video, noise immunity, and increased security. Think 16X better range than traditional Wi-Fi.

Unmatched Range + Bandwidth

We Destroy the Barriers

What is ioAire?

We Deliver Industrial Networking Solutions

ioAire is a technology startup providing next-generation networking solutions for the most challenging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments. ioAire’s network performance is based on the use of Wi-Fi HaLow and other protocols, providing high bandwidth, long range, advanced security, and low-power operation. Our networks can seamlessly connect thousands of fixed and remote assets — such as mobile devices, robots, forklifts, and more — in large industrial settings.

The IOAIRE solution

Range + Bandwidth

ioAire networks provide increased range and substantially higher bandwidth than competing technologies.

Long range connectivity extends to >1km outdoors and 300m indoors. For example, one ioAire access point can cover 1.5 million square feet (or 34 acres) and can do the job of more than 30 Wi-Fi access points. 

Additionally, in complicated spaces such as high-rise buildings, automated warehouses or factories, ioAire is three times more effective than other Wi-Fi types at going through concrete and metal-mesh materials. 

These capabilities result in a tremendous reduction in costs and infrastructure.

Low Cost, Low Power

Logistics automation partners that incorporate ioAire technology typically see a 50-70% reduction in costs.

A 1,000,000-square-foot facility demands 33 to 50 traditional Wi-Fi routers to ensure adequate coverage and signal strength. This results in high purchasing and installation equipment costs. ioAire provides this same coverage with only one router, reducing overhead and IT burden.

Additionally, ioAire's advanced communication methods lead to substantially lower power operation than competing wireless technologies. For example, ioAire edge circuitry can operate for months on a coin cell.


Wi-Fi and wireless LANs don’t scale well in large facilities.

In larger spaces, today’s Wi-Fi networks, even when properly meshed, have dropouts and don’t penetrate walls or floors. Cell-based wireless LANs using LTE or 5G also suffer from spotty coverage, and they are expensive to operate. 

By utilizing Wi-Fi HaLow, which is designed to scale in large and complex spaces, ioAire networks provide solid coverage and fast, secure data delivery. For example, a single ioAire access point (AP) can connect rapidly to thousands of mobile or fixed devices across acres of indoor space. Multiple APs can also wirelessly mesh together and maintain high-bandwidth across even farther distances.  

Ease of Integration

ioAire networks use standard Internet protocols, for seamless bridging to existing Wi-Fi and Internet.

Unlike other wireless technologies, ioAire networks operate on separate frequency bands. Bridging and backhaul is straightforward between Wi-Fi HaLow and Wi-Fi, as they share the same IP packet formats and WPA3 encryption. 

Additionally, expensive and inefficient gateways are not required. With ioAire's direct bridging, low-latency, and secure operation, cloud-based applications and over-the-air updates are a breeze. 

The ioaire difference

Precise Geolocation

ioAire's precise geolocation (to <1m) delivers accurate position in challenging environments, with thousands of connected devices per access point. In a large industrial setting, these remote assets may include mobile devices, robots, forklifts, and more.

Machine Learning

ioAire edge devices are equipped with optional AI computing capabilities, to provide inference in real time at the sensing location. Our products incorporate AI and hands-free computing within private networks, as well as machine learning for remote testing and monitoring.


ioAire's data authentication and encryption are exceptional, and based on the WPA3 Wi-Fi standard. We're committed to continuing to adopt Wi-Fi Alliance security improvements as they expand and evolve.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

ioAire networks have the security, long-range, and high data rates to support rapid over-the-air updates. This allows remote security keys to be quickly updated in the event of a data breach. Competing networks don't have this capability.


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