ioAire is a Boise-based technology startup providing next-generation networking products and services for for the most challenging Industrial IoT environments. The components include rugged network hardware, system software, and application support. ioAire networks bring the best combination of long-range, data throughput, high density of access, and reduced deployment costs.
ioAire’s networking products outperform competing technologies such as WLANs and GHz Wi-Fi in large-scale settings, providing high data throughput, at ranges up to one kilometer. But that’s not all: ioAire’s networks provide forward error correction, advanced encryption and security, with very low-power operation, and geolocation. ioAire is the next-generation networking provider for Industrial IoT.
Wireless networking provides critical functionality in industrial environments. The reliability of data flow is crucial at every factory, warehouse, and jobsite. A prevailing problem in these large settings is that current wireless networking technologies provide low data rates and limited area coverage, resulting in spotty connections and dropouts. Further, there is little to no data security.
ioAire products greatly expand Wi-Fi applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), including expansive spaces such as automated warehouses, factories, shipping yards, and building campuses. By providing a robust connection in industrial environments, ioAire enables low-power connectivity for applications requiring multi-year battery operation, such as in remote locations. It also brings bandwidth for applications such as compressed video streaming. Even in challenging environments, ioAire networks provide a robust connection. In monitoring applications (such as agriculture or logistics) where long range operation is a priority, ioAire's Wi-Fi HaLow delivers data at ranges exceeding one kilometer.
ioAire networks satisfy the scalability and agility required to connect the most challenging industrial environments. ioAire networks easily co-exist and bridge with traditional Wi-Fi. Native bridging is made possible because ioAire packet protocols are IP compatible, identical to ordinary Wi-Fi and Internet. With advanced networking products, based upon the Wi-Fi standard, plus our unwavering support and application service teams, ioAire offers clear advantages over ordinary Wi-Fi and other leading wireless LANs in industrial operating environments. ioAire solutions reduces installation investment by as much as 85 percent, increases range by 16 times, with very low power consumption, utilizing advanced edge AI algorithms for inference in sensing and pattern recognition. Additionally, ioAire networks are shown to decrease costs and increase ROI for industrial IoT in security, communications, and logistics applications.
Ordinary Wi-Fi is designed to transfer data quickly — enabling streaming movies and fast downloads. It uses radio frequencies in the 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz bands. But travel distance for ordinary Wi-Fi connections is very short, and these use lots of power. Wi-Fi HaLow uses lower radio frequencies and advanced transmission techniques, reaching ten times further than ordinary Wi-Fi. For Industrial IoT devices that require robust connections at far distances, and using low power power, Wi-Fi HaLow is ideal. The international standard that describes Wi-Fi HaLow is IEEE 802.11ah.
There are ten key areas where Wi-Fi HaLow solves fundamental weaknesses of commercial and industrial wireless technologies: energy efficiency, wide range of data rates, increased range, penetration through material, advanced security, greater network data capacity, straightforward installation/operational costs, advanced network traffic management, interoperability and customer experience, and native IP support.