In tough industrial environments, ioAire networks outperform competing technologies.

For industrial automation and robotics, ioAire provides exceptional network utility, coverage, and security. We manufacture rugged, secure equipment that provides longer range at higher bandwidths. Our products are simple to integrate and highly scalable for expansive yard and field operations.


Excellent wireless penetration easily covers compartmentalized spaces, metal cages, and concrete barriers. ioAire networks provide secure and fast wireless data links for machine vision, robotics, and other advanced automation equipment.


ioAire networks cover indoor spaces greater than one-million square feet with a single access point. With its long range capabilities, coverage even extends through concrete walls to parking areas and other floors. For remote device localization, ioAire provides 3D geo-location to within less than one-meter.

Large Buildings and Campuses

Heat map studies show that in most facilities and campus spaces, holes in coverage abound due to Wi-Fi’s short range and tuning issues. ioAire eliminates the need for large numbers of conventional Wi-Fi access points while providing excellent coverage in large sprawling corporate and industrial complexes.

Ports and Yards

With ioAire, tracking important assets and scaling operations over large areas just got easier. Our networks offer >1km outdoor range, with high-throughput and seamless meshing capability. Your operations will benefit from far greater efficiencies and lower operating costs.